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Take A Seat In Our Village Sandwich Shop

Serving up some delicious snacks and treats along with refreshing and hot drinks, our country style sandwich shop is the perfect place to take a load off. Asides from our food and refreshments, we also have some lovely little trinkets and gifts for sale. You can have a browse around while you are waiting for your lunch. Our sandwich shop is always open early so if you’re up and out before 8am when other places aren’t then make sure to think of us.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Our homemade cakes are delicious and fluffy, they go down perfect with a nice hot drink. All of our sandwiches, pasty’s and other bites are prepared with fresh ingredients in the morning everyday. You can pick your own style of sandwich and have any ingredients added in. Our vegan sausage roll’s are delicious, we get great feedback from them!

If you have a special event or gathering coming up then why not think of us? We have catered for many different events in the past and had such great feedback. Our service is always exceptional and you can rely on us to be trustworthy and on time. Just give us a call or pop in and we can have a chat and start making arrangements if you are happy.

If you would like to speak to a member of our friendly team then just get in touch. You can find all of our contact details just a bit further down the page. Please feel free to stop in at any point if you are in the neighbourhood, we love seeing our visitors. Haven’t been here before? No worries, at the bottom of this page you can find a map with our exact location on it.

Keep in touch and stay up to date with our latest news by following our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

Opening Times:

Monday 8am – 4pm
Tuesday 8am – 4pm
Wednesday 8am – 4pm
Thursday 8am – 4pm
Friday 8am – 4pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday  Closed

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