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1. Video Feedback expands your online presence

People creating video feedback for your business as well as other content like blog posts provides variety, giving your readers options to consume whichever kind of multimedia they prefer. We all have our own preferences, some people like things explained in text, some would rather have details illustrated in infographics or video, whereas others may prefer podcasts and radio.

MobyTap hosts your video Feedback  and share it on public platforms like YouTube Vimeo and social media sites giving your brand visibility away from your website, giving you scalability on many social media platforms at once.

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, so being present there can help new people find you and potentially drive traffic to your site.

2. Video Feedback makes consumers stay longer on your site- That’s a good thing

Did you know that 4 times as many consumers would rather watch a video than read about it? Just text alone can turn consumers off, an embedded video can keep them watching for longer.

When people spend more time on your site, the Google bots are sending signals back to the search engine and enhancing your SEO scores pushing you higher in organic listings.

Thus giving rich feedback to Google that this site is engaging and providing the answer that the searcher was looking for, boosting your SEO page rankings.

MobyTap allows “dwell time” to accrue on your website, boosting your sites SEO by keeping people’s attention focused on your site for longer.

By Embedding video feedback on your landing page increases your conversions by up to 40%.

Your Voice, Your View, Your Video

3. Your Web Site Visibility

Google’s standard search results now present a wide-ranging experience with knowledge graphs, Voice recognition, answer blocks, and image results.

MobyTap video results display as thumbnails, making them more eye-catching than any text or picture results surrounding them. Remember we don’t need to optimise any MobyTap video review; Google voice recognition captures keyword content from our mobile App generated videos.

4. Video Attracts Shares and Backlinks

Video is increasingly being used is as an incredibly attractive and shareable media that performs well on both desktop and mobile devices. Today, video is more convenient to the consumer, whether you’re at your desk or on the move with your smart phone.

Consumers generating feedback videos allows you to harness this improved potential “findability”, and can lead to more people discovering and sharing your content on social, or linking to your video content on their own blogs and websites. These “backlinks” (links on other websites that point to your website) are essential for SEO; an appropriate backlink from a relevant, authoritative website can benefit your search presence noticeably.

If you want these backlinks to benefit your website’s SEO Mobytap provides, the easy solution to this, embed the video on your company’s blog or website with an explanation or a transcript of what’s being said. Remember to formulate an attractive, clickable title for this video-enriched blog/ website post too.

This will help your SEO visibility by giving thorough information to be indexed by Google search and other third party engines.

5. Our Brains Just Love Videos!

59% of executives stated that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to watch the video (Source: Forbes Insight). We’re more time-poor than ever nowadays, and many of us would rather watch a video and have something explained to us rather than wading through text. I”m certainly guilty of seeking out videos over plain text and I’m a word slinger by profession ‚Äì what a traitor, eh?

And it’s not just a preference in consumption that puts video on top it applies to memorising that information too. Video is (obviously) very visual and auditory, and our brains love that. Studies have shown that viewers retain 95% of a video’s content compared to 10% when reading text (Source: Insivia)!

So if your company’s online visibility seems to have plateaued ‚ give video a try! You’ll have more content to share with your followers and who knows, you might enjoy it!

If you’re a total novice in the video stakes, keep an eye out for my forthcoming video posts! We’ll discuss a few valuable ways that complete beginners can start to produce valuable online video content in no time! Watch this space.

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