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Welcome to Leigh Bagel Bar

Leigh Bagel Bar is a family run business, based in Leigh on Sea Southend Essex, is a successful cafe for bagel lovers across the nation. We can offer bagels, delicious salt beef sandwiches, delicatessen,¬†scrumptious cakes, tea and coffee service to either eat in or take away. We are very proud of our famous jewish bagels, baked on the premises small and large plain or seeded all filled with yummy ingredients. It’s our specialty!¬†So if you’re looking for either a quick breakfast choice, or would like to sit down and relax for a while, we have plenty of options that will satisfy your appetite.

In addition, we provide an excellent customer service at all times, with a friendly atmosphere. Our team of staff are highly experienced, helpful and qualified- trust us when we say you’re in for a treat! We also pride ourselves on our reasonable and competitive prices, we believe customers should get the very best and all freshly prepared.

Some of our wonderful reviews-

“I‚Äôve been a customer of Leigh bagel bar since it very first opened in 2000. I‚Äôve seen it through two different owners and I must say the present owners are fabulous. Bagels are top notch and the filling is always very generous, sometimes too generous. A friend of mine from New York recently visited the bagel bar and said that their bagels are the best he‚Äôs ever tasted. Keep up the good work girls. Xxx”

“Large salt beef Bagel with sliced Gurkin and easy on the mustard is lovely and so are the staff!”


For any further information visit our social media pages or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

So please, come in and take a bite of our scrumptious bagels; you won’t be disappointed- we’ll look forward to seeing you soon!

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